Apple IPhone 5 Release Date, News and New Features

Apple IPhone 5 News

We don’t even have to mention just how popular ‘Apple’ has become in the technology market today; it’s shown amazing diversity in the many gadgets it has released so far. It has upheld its brand for providing some of the best features and efficiently resourced applications at commendable price ranges for the techno geeks out there in the world.

Apple IPhone 5 Release Date:

Now the brand releases the anticipated ‘iPhone 5’ which is a precursor of the iPhone 4 and has some of the most amazing assets equipped within its system. The announcement regarding the release date of IPhone 5 is said to be in summer 2012, around June. The release date of the Apple iPhone 5 will be established a couple of months later after the WWDC.

Apple IPhone New Features:

New Feature of Apple IPhone – Rumors abound within and outside the network, stating that this gadget will have a 4 inch frame and will support a symmetrically slim structure consisting of a smart phone appliance which is loaded with software and hardware modifications.
It will consist of iCloud which is basically a wireless arrangement which allows user friendly interface and downloads to become easier. You will be able to store photos, share music, videos, save e-books etc using the application on iPhone 5.

Apple alongside the iPhone 5 might just release a low budget gadget known as the “iPhone Mini” which sports the iCloud software within. It is more or less like a nano-phone whose fabrication is basically to catch the younger crowd due to its low cost and high facilities.

Apart from this it will sport an A5 dual core processor which is made up of components like the ARM Cortex-A9 CPU that is built of a NEON SIMD accelerator. This core processor is said to power iPad 2 and maintains a speed of around 1.2-1.5 GHz, with a hard drive storage of around 1GB RAM.

This asset will effectively maintain a dynamic power system which will be durable and work efficiently without getting electrocuted in its functioning. It has been formulated to basically compete against the new Samsung Galaxy S II thereby should economically replace the gadget.

Apple IPhone 5 Release Date, News ,Price and New Features

It will contain an 8MP dual LED high resolution camera, a thin and sleek exterior whose dimensions have been prerecorded to being .27″ thick at the top and .21″ at the bottom.

It also consists of applications like iMessenger which is compatible and computable to work as an alternative for Blackberry Messenger.

Other features range from it being GSM & CDMA compatibility, LTE network technology all of which will be constructed into the gadget so as to make it the leading innovation in the market.

Apple IPhone 5 Price: Technically no price has been set for the Apple IPhone 5 or made public to the market as of yet. All that the spectators do know is that it might just be similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 4 hence it is assumable that the expense could be around $699 and $899.

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  1. ????? Compete with Samsung Galaxy S II? Samsung already got Galaxy S III and has already beaten Iphone 5’s “future features”. Galaxy S III is QUAD CORE!!! and with 4.8in super AMOLED… beat that before releasing it.

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