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Latest Technology News 2012

You are welcome to this portal which will present to you the latest technology news regarding the upcoming spy gadgets and everything which is related with spy gear and wear. Enjoy coursing through this list of latest technology news of the newest spy gadgets which are either going to be released or are expected to be released this year.

About the Latest Technology News :New Spy Gadgets:

You have to admit every kid on the block aspires to be like his superhero and if it isn’t 007 ‘James Bond’ and his latest spy gear, then it is the Dark Knight ‘Batman’ with his speedy vehicles and astonishing artillery. Spy gadgets certainly entertain many out there and if you’re one of them then this list of the latest technology news regarding spy gadgets should certainly fascinate your senses. You can read about the newest spy gadgets 2012 will soon announce or has released or maybe some latest technology has been publicized whose spy gear has caught your eye? Already thinking of purchasing these new spy gadgets?

Latest Technology News: Spy Gadgets

1 – ‘The Hawk Gives a Peek’ featuring the new Spy Hawk RC-Plane: Introducing the latest spy gadget also known as the Spy Hawk RC-Plane, this new spy gadget has hit the new technology news headlines this season. UK based, this latest spy gadget allows the individuals to get a sneak peak from above due to the presence of its in-built video camera. This new Spy Hawk RC-Plane is a remote controlled plane which functions under a rechargeable battery hence is highly efficient and eco friendly as well.
2 – The Night Vision iPhone Scoop: Thought about turning your iPhone into a spy gadget? Well, you’ve witnessed enough automatic mechanisms where electronic gadgets convert into spy gadgets and this is another example however all you require is the USNV Night Vision iPhone Adaptor which is recording device that can be installed on your iPhones using a separate scope and thus formulate a gateway for all the applications on iPhone which can be used on the scope that is connected via the adaptor.

Latest Technology News: Spy Gadgets

3 – Cufflinks that offer ‘Connection’: One of the most interesting and new spy gadgets is the Wi-Fi Cufflink which gives direct access to the internet as well as carries important files without having to carry documents manually in hand. Well are you thinking about the movie ‘Spy Kids’? This latest technology news regarding the Wi-Fi Cufflinks certainly has its spice especially since it behaves as a mini-router that contains information which can be connected into a PC through the USB end that is designed into the cufflinks.
4 – ‘Warm Handshake’ BUT cold hands: The newly introduced ‘Flame Gun’ will protect users from the startling damages of a fire burst hence maintain the normal temperature of your hands without burning them. These ‘Flame Gloves’ have been created by Patrick Priebe who’s a major Iron Man fanatic, he has specifically announced that these new ‘Flame Gloves’ are not for sale or personal usage by anybody else.
5 – DARPA- Funded Hack Machine Enters Spy Arena: Here is the new Hack Machine system which is technically a testing platform introduced by DARPA (Defense Association Research Projects Agency) to potentially defend information, documents and other web based material against hackers using this latest Hack Machine. This new spy gadget is another interesting new technology news where the Hack Machine is said to maintain features, applications and software which will prevent confidential material from slipping out. Has been built for MNC and enterprises for validating their protection against hackers out in the cyber world as well as manual hackers who can crack financial securities to gain access to private funds and applications.

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