Newest Blackberry Blade to Hit the Stores: Features and Updates

The 1999 Blackberry concept today has accentuated heights and has set up landmarks where the greatest establishment of the newest Blackberry gadgets in town will consist of the new Blackberry Blade 2012 edition. This latest technology gadget has been discussed in forums and threads all over the web world however the updates regarding its features and release dates have been kept a shadow from the media.

About the latest Blackberry Blade 2012 edition:

If you haven’t had enough with the newest Blackberry gadgets, this here is the hottest invention of the latest Blackberry Blade 2012 edition which has substituted any of the upcoming gadgets 2012 has scheduled. The hype created by the gadget has sky rocketed technology commerce however very discrete information has been gathered regarding the new Blackberry gadget.

Features of the new Blackberry Blade 2012 edition:

You’ve heard about the concept, you’ve even got a picture of this new Blackberry gadget however it is always the functions which set gadgets apart and the design which make them unique entities. Therefore we find that the latest Blackberry Blade 2012 edition is stocked with features which have made it all the more appealing to the media market, as for the techno geeks out there, you can enjoy browsing through the list of features of the new Blackberry Blade.

1.    The Blackberry 10 smart phone is richer than its ancestors and is the latest addition to the list of the newest Blackberry gadgets 2012 has issued so far.

2•    This new Blackberry Blade is composed of a Toronto framework where the gadget has been designed into an Aluminum and Acrylic exterior coating, and contains the operating system Blackberry 10.0 which is the latest software update found accessible only on this new Blackberry Blade 2012 gadget.

3•    Being a 3G and a 4G service provider, it supports Wi-Fi facilities and comprises of a LED strip, and the Quad core processor which is around 1.5GHz. This new Blackberry Blade maintains web browsers like Adobe Flash and HTML5 like the new Sony Xperia P.

Latest Blackberry Gadgets 2012 Blackberry Blade

4•    Sports security functions under PUSH communications and basically is an AMOLED device which has a resolution of around 720×1280 pixels along with the dimensional analysis of this newest Blackberry gadget 2012, that being around 4.5 inches.

5•    A track pad which persists as Gorilla Glass Touch screen facility which is more or less a multifunctional application, and might just lack a keyboard unlike its precursors hence with 12MP of a video camera which contains auto focusing, red eye removal and image clarification as some those popular assets of a smart phone then this new Blackberry Blade 2012 edition is certainly the best buy once it gets released.

6•    It contains smaller accessories like the MicroSD, MicroHDMI, MicroUSB etc which are designed into the system of the smart phone.
This is the first Blackberry 10 device as was announced by PixelCurve hence is going to catch the media’s attention quite easily with its sleek design and basic functions. With a slightly curved body, this latest Blackberry Blade 2012 edition has become infamous in the market.

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