Sony Xperia P claims the Market: Features and Updates

Cash in for the latest Sony Xperia P which has most recently been released this month and has already planted a mass demand spree in the technology market. This new Sony Xperia P is the one Latest gadget every teenager has been craving to possess.

About the new Sony Xperia P:

This new Sony gadget 2012 edition like its brother Sony Xperia U has just made it to the market hence the latest Xperia Solas editions have both been finally released into the market as was announced earlier in January and February.  However this latest addition into the new Xperia series has simply astounded techno geeks into frenzy for the latest Sony Xperia P.

Features of the new Sony Xperia P:

We’ve already had our experiences with most of the latest Sony gadgets in town however the newest Sony Xperia P 2012 edition is stocked with some amazing new assets all of which have been discussed in detail and regard.

1- •    The newest Sony Xperia P has been fabricated under a 2G as well as 3G service, and has 122×59.5×10.5mm exteriors. This latest Sony Xperia P therefore weighs around 120g, maintains touch screen facilities and is shielded by a scratch proof glass screen.

2- •    With a LED construct, the display settings have been configured under 540×960 resolution, has been protected using software Sony White Magic Technology and TimeScape.

3- •    Armed with 16GB of memory, and 1GB RAM, it’s not a wonder this new Sony Xperia P 2012 edition is so much in demand. Maintains GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi connectivity, hence its internet facilities are remarkable especially since it also avails Bluetooth accessibility.

4- •    An 8MP camera with HD screen settings, with extra added features like auto focusing, geo tagging, red eye detection and deduction as well as face and smile detection, this new Sony Xperia P sure has some combat assets.

5- •    In fact the newest Sony Xperia P 2012 edition works under the Android operating system, also known as Gingerbread, a NovaThor U8500 microchip set and a dual core processing system. With HTML5 and Adobe Flash installed into its formulation, such browsers can be used to surf across the World Wide Web.

Latest Sony Xperia P Features and Updates

6- •    Instant messaging, video and conference calls and Stereo facilities are also possible under this useful new Sony Xperia P where GPS and Java have their preinstalled versions within. With YouTube, Google Maps and Calendar already part of the system, this newest Sony Xperia P 2012 edition is a hit amongst the youth today.

7- •    This new Sony gadget is easily available under many colors, consists of the basic sensors in the device like the Accelerometer, Compass, Gym etc hence sporting music players and a 3.5mm jack slot, the latest Sony Xperia P can be used to the maximum of 47 hours whereas the music system works to the  extent of 8 hours.

So ready your wallets because this new Sony gadget 2012 edition has been released finally a few days back, henceforth this new Sony Xperia P will be leading the profits of the technology commerce soon enough.

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